Stylish Speaking

Stylish Speaking

“Stylish Speaking” is our basic course in modern rhetoric, and is for those who want to become more secure and more inspirational when speaking in front of people. After the course you will look more forward to talk to people, and also have tools for designing presentations that your customers and colleagues look forward to.

We step into the world of modern rhetoric where you learn about the psychological mechanisms that determine whether people want to listen–or not–to what you have to say. You get rhetorical tools to get the listeners full attention, right from the first second. We deal with body language, voice management and argumentation techniques. Much focus is placed on presentation exercises that are filmed, whereupon feedback is given by the course leader and the course colleagues. ”Stylish Speaking” is the obvious rhetoric course for those who want to learn the basics of modern rhetoric and the art of speaking to an audience.

Our first course is 1-2 October, for booking in Swedish click here! If you have other questions or need help with your booking please for further guidance.

Course content

  • Find your authenticity when talking to people
  • How to nail the first impression
  • How to use body language, voice and clothing to enhance your message
  • How to start and how to end your presentation
  • The path to credibility, curiosity and benevolence
  • Storytelling – build powerful stories of your own experiences
  • Argumentation technique – four arguments to convince
  • Rhetorical Boot Camp – group presentation exercises
  • Presentations and exercises that are filmed
  • Four presentations with feedback from course leaders and course participants
  • Filmed material and personal feedback from the course leader
  • Course certificate


The course is for you who wants: 

  • Get concrete tools for your presentations
  • Apply the tools during the course days
  • Receive constructive feedback from the course leader and course colleagues
  • Study good presenters and understand the tools that make them powerful
  • Crack the code for powerful presentations
  • Learn the difference between good and less good body language
  • Provide feedback, and be inspired by presenters from other industries
  • Both understand the tools and be able to apply them

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